Bill Elder, Author of All Guts and No Glory, and NAIA Basketball Coaches' Hall of Fame Inductee  
Author • NAIA Basketball Coaches’ Hall of Fame Inductee •
Founder of the Quota Plan of Recruiting • Consultant •
Founder of the Save Our Nation Movement


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Welcome to the website of Bill Elder, author of All Guts and No Glory and The Bucyrus That Was, and founder of the Quota Plan of Recruiting and the Forty-Day Challenge to Save Our Nation.

It is still hard for me to believe that I have two books that have been published. I know that anyone who knew me “back in the day” would be as surprised as I am that any publisher would be interested in my work. I spent my entire professional career involved in college athletics as a basketball coach and athletic director, never even dreaming that I would someday be a published author.

In addition to writing, I am currently offering my services to colleges and universities as a consultant related to the Quota Plan of Recruiting. I developed and administered this unique plan and refined it while serving as athletic director at four distinctly different institutions. This system allows college athletic programs to become both revenue-producing and enrollment increasing.

A recent focus has been on a project that I call The Forty-Day Challenge to Save Our Nation. I hope this project will serve as an impetus to mobilize Christians to take II Chronicles 7:14 seriously in respect to “saving our land” — a phrase which could refer to an individual, a family, a community, or as I envision it, our nation.

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